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Jul 28, 2005
Two women, two paths, one leads to killing, the other to peace

A lot of talk about Hillary Clinton these days since she gave that speech Monday at the DLC gathering.
With my friends, she blew any credibility she had left in that one non-shining moment in time.  There's not a lot that she's really done that any of us point to anyway.  And we all know the Democratic Leadership Council for their attacks on Jesse Jackson (Sr.) so we see it as a racist organization that tries to stomp out anyone who doesn't want to sell out to the highest corporate bidder.

That Clinton thinks she needs to lick the boots of the DLC would mean she's an idiot.  That Clinton thinks the DLC represents America would still mean that she's an idiot.  No matter what hypothesis you can come up the conclusion is the same:  she's an idiot.

Over at Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, Rebecca came out some time ago against Hillary Clinton as a 2008 primary candidate.  I'm going to back that up.  Hillary Clinton is now officially a joke.  Not the wronged wife you're sorry for.  Not the junior senator from New York who makes one mistake after another (usually out of cowardice) that you can excuse by saying,  "Well she's new to the Senate." 

She's made herself disgusting.

There was a time when the DLC had the illusion of power.  It doesn't now.  But they hitched their star to the former First Lady this week and they and their hate driven policies got back into the spotlight which is what they wanted.  Hillary Clinton let them use her for that, for whatever reason.  She has made herself disgusting.

As she "moderates" her positions repeatedly, we see that African-Americans are a group she has little concern for.  She goes to Ohio to speak to the DLC.  Where was she at the recent NAACP conference?
Where has she been on our issues? 

She can't be found. 

And I heard that and more repeatedly since Monday.  The woman has an image problem now and she has only herself to blame for that.

As she has rushed to push each talking point of Operation Happy Talk, it's become quite clear that she's not very concerned with the actual dying in Iraq.  Whether it's Iraqis or (to use Ava and C.I.'s phrase) those fighting in the coalition of Operation Enduring Falsehood, Clinton just can't be bothered.  Yesterday Elaine pointed out what a war monger Hillary Clinton has become.  It Takes a Village to Destroy a Village would be her next book, I'm guessing.

Lawanda, a woman from my church, said tonight after the service that Hillary Clinton has sold moral convictions to prove herself as a war monger and I'd agree with that 100%.  Lawanda said she used to feel sorry for Clinton due to Monica Lewinsky but that those days are long past.  "Her husband cheated on her,"  Lawanda explained,  "that only gets you so much sympathy.  She's destroyed it with her continued support for a war that neither she nor anyone in her family will fight, a war that goes against church teachings I'm aware of.  If she truly was the devoted follower so many have claimed over the years she would long ago have said,  'In the name of Jesus, I'm asking that we stop this immoral war and the killing.'"

Harsher words came from the choir director who says she's got blood lust dripping on her power lust.

On the other hand, there was praise for Jane Fonda and her decision to start out a speak out tour against the war.  The differences between the way the two women were spoken of was pretty amazing.  But as my preacher said to me after the service, they've chosen different paths, one leads to killing and the other to peace.  As his wife said, "Mrs. Clinton appears to have forgotten that Jesus was the Prince of the Peace."

There's a drawing that Isaiah did for The Common Ills of Jane Fonda that I'd like to put up here but in case it doesn't work, you can see it by clicking here.

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